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World Spirits Competition

Tasting Awards: Vodka: Flavored / Infused / Spiced


Platinum "Best of Show"

Dude Rootbeer


Judges Notes: "Crazy good, unexpectedly so."



We are proud to announce the Nevada State wide roll out of Dude Bacon Vodka! As of November 1st 2013!


Available at all Lee's Discount Liquors locations.


The worlds best Bloody Mary has hit the the Vegas Strip! Get yours today!




Located in Ohio, the Shadow Beverage Group is a unique company. The founders have a long history of business success and a deep hands on background in the European Wine & Spirits industry… going back 25 Years.


The opportunity to create a whole new concept for distilled spirits is a result of strong demand from retailers all across the USA. Retailers who have seen the distills spirits industry stalling for several years. Brands that are tires and stale. Consumers tired of the same old flavors repackaged under different names. This created the opening for Shadow Beverage Group to use it's intense experience to develops a high level of quality and design new Vodka, Gins, Tequilas, Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey and Rums. So when we say "you've never had it so goo" you'll know it's the truth.



Our product line started rolling into retail stores in the Fall of 2010. What makes Shadow Beverage products  so great is that retailers can actually make great profits, and we never have to compromise the quality of the product to do so.


Shadow Beverage Group  has already stepped into the future of the Spirits business. Discovering new “niche” markets for Vodka’s, Tequila’s and other spirits unserved by the old school spirits producers with outdated business models and branding concepts unable to adapt to several generational leaps of consumer evolution globally.


Shadow Beverage Group Ltd has had the luxury of having over 30 years of contact on many levels with the world Spirits and Wine markets via it’s founder’s consulting company, PuzzleWorks International.


All of MYSTT flavored Vodka’s blend in a seamless taste experience and that is because our proprietary vodka base. All MYSTT flavored products start with DUDE Vodka as a base. This is amazing quality is also why DUDE has repeatedly beaten all of the top international brands of Vodka’s in head to head competition. Our Vodka products cover all three levels of pricing in the world market today. And each is distinctly different formulation and style of Vodka.


The Vodka known as “DUDE” brand 40 proof Vodka. The new formulation of DUDE began shipping to a small network of retailers in Colorado with instant sales success. DUDE was submitted to the National March Madness Vodka Tournament in 2011. It gained instant star status as it defeated all of the top selling brands of unflavored Vodka’s of international fame.


Mystt Tequilas are right now offering a level of quality and flavor that has never been offered outside Mexico. As with all Tequilas, it is the quality of the Agave that is the source of superior taste when finished. But again it is the purity of the water that makes or breaks a Tequila. Mystt Tequila’s are made from proprietary agave blends!


That is why the development of Mystt Tequila’s has been so extensive. It is this exclusivity and quality, and use of the purest waters, that makes our Tequilas so superior to even the most successful brands in the US and international markets. One taste, and you will discover what Tequila was meant to be. There is no harshness or bitter after taste. Just the warmth and full flavor that is the history of the Mexican Agave Cactus. We offer all three types of 100% Agave Tequila’s Blanco, Anejo, & Reposado.


Bourbon Brothers 1621 Bourbon


Bourbon is the only distilled spirit to be officially classified as “American” in it’s historical origins. Over the years the Bourbon industry has gone in many directions. We at Shadow Beverage Group are creating a Bourbon that hearkens back to original roots of Bourbon. Bourbon’s true birth is considered by experts to date back to the year 1621. The very first Bourbon “type” distilled spirit was created in Virginia. Ironically credit was given to a man of the “Cloth”.


So we at Shadow Beverage have chased back through history to offer a true traditional Bourbon that is supposedly created by the mythical “Bourbon Brothers”. It is not know how accurate historical accounts of the “Bourbon Brothers” exploits are but it is clear that they were passionate distillers of Bourbon and Rye Whiskey. So when you taste Bourbon Brothers you will be assured an exceptionally smooth and full flavored Bourbon that stands apart from almost all modern commercial Bourbons on the market today. Bourbon Brothers is also a Shadow Beverage Group “Trademarked” brand.


Bourbon Brothers Whiskey


Rye Whiskey has it’s traditions based in westward growth of America. Whiskey, in particular Rye Distilled spirits echo back to a time when boom town saloon’s were where quality distilled spirits could be found. It is in this moment in time the Bourbon Brothers were rumored to have gone town to town selling to these wild west consumers. The legend of the Bourbon Brothers “Rye” Whiskey is the source of the modern Rye Whiskey that Shadow Beverage Group has recreated today.


The enjoyment of Bourbon Brothers Whiskey will take you back to the days of Boom Towns, the 1849 Gold Rush and the Open Range. While those days are gone forever, the flavor and excitement is in every bottle of Bourbon Brothers Whiskey.


Just remember drink responsibly, and Ace’s are wild, Card Cheats will be shot...



Mystt Islands Rum


Clear cool waters and warm trade winds are home to the Mystt Islands.  A naturally sweet and smooth rum.  Easy to drinking without the heavy over spiced flavors of those "Pirate" rums.


Mystt Islands are only found at the sunset one league beyond paradise.  The purest traditional ingredients of rum slowly distilled to perfect balance of taste.  In Silver Rum that never intrudes on the flavor of your favorite mixer , fruit juice or ice tea.


Mystt Islands Rum is for the every free spirit who enjoys the experience of classic rum that never leaves a bite or bark.  Only the effortless satisfaction of the Mystt Islands cool breezes.


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